Day 6

  Day 6 of our journey was increíble! We had over 40 kids come to our VBS today! We sang all of our songs, made necklaces and passed out bracelets, and played our hearts out. Our theme of the day was “soy increíble porque soy llamado de Dios!” We gave the kids finger puppets to help them share what Jesus has done for us. Our last day at VBS was the most populated day, (even the older kids we played soccer with the day before came!) and we pray that God was able to reach these kids! After VBS, we had a celebration with our new family in Christ! We danced and danced and danced some more. We learned many Honduran dances and also taught our friends American dances like Cupid Shuffle and Cotton Eyed Joe. Dancing truly does transcend any language barrier, and we were able to connect with Pastor’s family and the translators in a whole new way.  We also had dinner with the family, and it was sooo delicious! The kids played more Futbol and kickball before we had to go back to the hotel.  The co

Day 5 Photos


Day 5

  Our third day of VBS was muy divertido! The lesson was “I am incredible because I am a child of God!” “¡Soy increíble porque soy un hijo de Dios!” We helped the kids make a craft mirror so that they can look in it and remember that they are a child of God. We were very busy with a lot of activities at the church, such as coloring, futbol, dancing, musical chairs, parachute, and much more. We were taught some of the dances kids do and we also found out that they do the chicken dance in Honduras too!   The Pastor’s wife made another amazing meal for us and then we rested at the hotel. We then walked with Pastor’s family to a soccer field and got to play some pick-up soccer! We had lots of fun even though we were very sweaty by the end. Even Pastor joined, and he was a great player! He passed out Christian Pamphlets to the older kids who had not gone to VBS and we invited them to come the next day. It was great to see God working!  Back at our hotel, we saw a huuuuge rain spider that wa

Day 4 Photos


Day 4

What a day! We started out with a morning devotion by Grayson on Psalm 139. We arrived at the church ready for another fun day of singing, praying, and playing. We taught everyone two new songs: “Padre te adoro” y “Padre Abraham”. We bonded more with our new friends by playing games. Beatmaster was a crowd favorite as well as our boys vs girls soccer game and “what would you choose” helped us learn more important facts about each other such as if you prefer Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran ;).   Todays Bible lesson was “I am incredible because I am chosen by God” or “Soy increíble porque elegido por Dios.” The kids learned that just like God chose David to be king, He has also chosen us to spread His love and gospel.  After VBS, we sat down to another delicious meal that Pastor’s wife worked very hard on. We love sitting down to eat a meal with our new family, it is one of our favorite parts of the day.  Upon arriving back at the hotel, we cooled off in the pool, played a very intense game o

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